Pye Baker favourites

Pye Baker favourites

Revealed! The Pye Baker goodies that rock our world (and yours). With so many different Pye Baker breads, cake and savouries to choose from, we thought some recommendations might help.

Grimsby Pye Baker loves … Sour Dough bread

“Although I love all our breads, the one that I have regularly is the white sourdough.   I made sourdough for years in restaurants before I opened the bakery.  I would say this is the bread that started Pye Baker!

The sour has been going since we opened for business 4 years ago.  Every day we feed it, water it and help it grow. It’s just like having a child! Bursting with flavour, this bread always takes me back to hot continental holidays. “

Sally Pye Baker loves … Wighton, pea and fresh mint quiche

“Lovely served with a salad and a glass of Prosecco on a warm summer’s day.”

Matt loves … Italian chocolate tortes with Amaretto

“These are a great pick-me-up with a cup of coffee mid – morning.”

Paul loves .. Pye Baker Walnut Bread

“I like to have a wedge of this for lunch with some of Mrs Temples Binham Blue cheese.”

Dan loves .. Pye Baker Melting Cheese and Onion Bread

“I can’t get enough of this – especially fresh out of the oven. Even better filled with crispy bacon and a fried egg.”

Current Pye Baker customer favourites …

Our granary loaves with their delicious mixed seed topping are a favourite all year round.

Almond Croissants are very popular especially for that special occasion breakfast.

What is your Pye Baker favourite? Let us know the Pye Baker products you love the most. Tweet your favourites or send us an email here.




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