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Joining the PyeBaker mailing list is the best way to ensure that you keep connected to the goings-on in the Norfolk baking scene and the industry in general. Newsletters are sent to your inbox using a responsible schedule; the magazine values its readers and does not use any slamming techniques.

We also fully understand how much our customers value their privacy. As such, we do not share contact information with any other unauthorised third-parties. Being a member of our mailing list means that you only receive content that is of value to you as a Norfolk baking enthusiast, including some exclusive material to the mailing list. Generally, the content you should expect to receive in our newsletter includes the following.

Promotions and Offers

PyeBaker will regularly partner with local bakeries, ingredient suppliers and even experienced traders to offer newsletter subscribers attractive offers and entry opportunities for promotions. These include price discounts, free delivery, buy-one-get-one-free deals and access to exclusive premium products.

Recipes and Tips

Even for seasoned professionals, there is always something new to learn every day when it comes to baking. Members of our mailing list will, occasionally, get pro-tips from master bakers and new recipes to try out at home.

Reminders on Upcoming Events

With one of PyeBaker’s aims to establish a community for Norfolk’s bakers, regular live and online events will be held throughout the year. Being a member of the mailing list means that you will receive reminders to sign up and attend these events. On occasion, mailing list members can even purchase discounted tickets, VIP tickets and enter giveaways when they attend these events.


Baking is all about innovation, and bakers worldwide are constantly coming up with new techniques and ingredients that can be incorporated into one’s baking. These developments will be included in the newsletter as soon as they are released. Local news regarding new bakeries and caterers will also be shared.