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Baking is considered one of the cornerstones of British cuisine – and this holds true for the Norfolk region. Local and more exotic baked foods can be included in all meals of the day, as well as in-between meal snacks. Norfolk is blessed with several bakeries and independent caterers who provide a wide range of baked treats for the local market.

Who are we?

PyeBaker is an online magazine that was founded by baking enthusiasts who recognized how robust the local baking industry was. The digital magazine’s main goal is to provide a platform where local bakeries and caterers that specialized in baked goods, can showcase their products, businesses and the services that they offer to the local market.

This allows all types of commercial bakers to promote their business, and for the local community to find local products. The magazine also hopes to help bakers network and share ideas and business opportunities that benefit the industry as a whole. Bakers can share with their consumers the products they offer, their operational and delivery schedule, and whether they offer catering for outside events.

A meeting place for baking enthusiasts

PyeBaker is not just about the commercial aspect of baking, it also aims to serve as a digital home for baking enthusiasts from all walks of life. In fact, a significant portion of the magazine content will be targeted towards baking enthusiasts looking to improve their craft. Seasoned bakers will be given a platform to share their recipes and other baking tips that should benefit those with a keen interest in baking.

Through digital platforms and organized events within the community, PyeBaker aims to create a platform where baking as a culinary art form can be promoted and improved within the Norfolk area. Events can include meet and greet sessions, lessons, mentorship workshops and competitive bake-offs for local bakers to showcase their baking mastery.

Developing the next generation of master bakers

Another key purpose for the PyeBaker digital magazine would be to encourage the Norfolk youth, and some of the adult residents who are yet to be bitten by the baking bug, to expand their culinary prowess by giving baking a chance. This will be done by having a lot of beginner-friendly content on the website, as well as hosting live events that specifically cater to beginners.

PyeBaker is a one-stop-shop for all things baking in Norfolk. Whether by commercial bakers, baking enthusiasts, and those looking to get started s bakers.